• research
    Research driven design

    Data tells all. The most successful applications focus on what is working. I spend time studying and researching the best solution for you.

  • brand
    Brand Development

    Developing a brand is much more than just designing a nice logo. I focus on developing a connection or feeling with your audience.

  • interface
    User Interface Design

    Above all, users want an application that looks as great as it feels. I work with you to craft elegant, usable interfaces.

  • development
    Frontend Development

    Clean and re-usable code is my passion. I weigh each line of code I write to ensure it only helps the scalability of your site.

  • Front-end Development • UI/UX Design


    Accepting payments as a small business can be frustrating. PayValet aimed to simplify this process. Through user research and A/B testing I led the design and frontend development of this web application.

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  • Front-end Development • UI/UX Design


    Schlep is a crowd-sourced platform that connects businesses and individuals who need to move large or awkward items with the muscle and truck needed to get the job done. Think of them as Your Neighbor With A Truck™.

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  • Front-end Development • UI/UX Design

    Red Ventures

    Red Ventures uses data to optimize and improve the life-cycle for brands across the U.S. I worked with them to design and develop an application to help manage and rate employees. The goal was to make employee reviews fun again.

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